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Tenacious on Sundays is the children’s programme that we run every Sunday alongside our adult’s services. We have two children’s groups: Mini Kidz (age 1 – Reception), and Big Kidz (Year 1 – Year 6). In each of our programmes we have some free play, praise & worship, a Bible story and craft. For the Big Kidz we also have connect group time within their age groups.


On a Sunday morning we also provide a sensory room for our children with additional needs, which we call “Explorers”. The idea of this room is to give our children in Big Kidz who have additional needs, a separate room to come into where they can explore the Bible stories through sensory play and with a “Velcro Bible” which we have made especially for them. We integrate the “explorers” with the Big Kidz during some of the programme, then the Explorers team take them to the explorers room for part of the programme. We tailor what we do in the explorers room, and how long we spend in there, to the needs of the individual children that attend. 

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Tenacious Explorers

We want every child to know that they are loved and valued, by God and by us. Tenacious Explorers is our room for our Big Kidz children (Year 1 - Year 6) with special educational needs & disabilities. Click the button below to find out some more information. 



Tenacious Kidz and our social action department partner to provide support for the residents in our local hostels. We run a children’s club in one of the hostels bi-weekly during term time, and visit other hostels throughout the year. While we are there we play games, learn a Bible story, have discussion groups, and do craft with the kids. We also speak with the parents that are there to encourage and support them.



Here at Tenacious Kidz, we believe that families can, and should, disciple their children at home. We know that some people feel like they cannot disciple their kids for a whole load of reasons: “not enough resources”, “not enough knowledge”, “not enough creativity”, “not enough time”. Well, we are here to help you to help your kids, and help you to have “enough” in whatever area you do not feel like you have “enough” in. Sadly we cannot give you more time, but we are hoping that when you feel like you have enough of everything else, that you will choose to invest your time in using them.

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Little Footprints


Little footprints is our Parent and Toddler group, here at London Riverside Church. All parents/ carers and their toddlers/ babies are welcome.


We run every Thursday & Friday during term time, from 9:30-11am. We ask that everyone books in, and bookings are taken on a “first come, first serve” basis. It costs £2 per family per week to attend, you can make an online payment of £2 when you book in for your session.


Please click the link in the calendar that you would like to book in for, and fill out the details as required.

If you would prefer to book in over the phone, then you can contact us here at the Church and we will assist you in this.

If, for any reason, you are unable to make it to a session that you have book in for, then please click “cancel booking” on your confiration email, or phone us to let us know.