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Tenacious on Wednesdays


Tenacious on Wednesdays is our mid-week kids programme. 

We run for 3 Wednesdays of every month (during term time), alongside what the Church calendar looks like for the adults.

We have so much fun together playing games, dancing, connecting together in breakout groups, and listening to a Bible story.


1st Wednesday of the month: ZOOM CONNECT (6-7pm)
2nd Wednesday of the month: ZOOM PRAYER (6-7pm)
3rd Wednesday of the month: IN-PERSON CONNECT (6-7pm at LRC)
(term time only)

All children up to the age of Year 6 are welcome to join us for Zoom, BUT the "in-person connect weeks" are ONLY FOR YEAR 1 - YEAR 6 (Big Kidz age).



Here at Tenacious Kidz, we believe that families can, and should, disciple their children at home. We know that some people feel like they cannot disciple their kids for a whole load of reasons: “not enough resources”, “not enough knowledge”, “not enough creativity”, “not enough time”. Well, we are here to help you to help your kids, and help you to have “enough” in whatever area you do not feel like you have “enough” in. Sadly we cannot give you more time, but we are hoping that when you feel like you have enough of everything else, that you will choose to invest your time in using them.

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Little Footprints


Little footprints is our parent and toddler group.We run every Friday during term time, from 9:30am-10:30am. Due to social distancing we are currently asking parents to book in, and bookings will be taken on a first come first serve basis. It costs £2 per family per week to come (Please bring this in exact change when you come on the day).


We open bookings at 10am every Wednesday ready for that Friday. Click here to book your family in. 

If you would prefer to book over the phone then you can contact us here at the Church on the Wednesday and we will book you in if there are any spaces available.