We at London Riverside Church are conscious that people in the West live a cocooned society, where the great need of people groups around the world are perhaps reported by the media but the full impact of those needs are left for ‘other people to respond to.’ It has always been our heart to mobilise people to serve in missions ventures personally as we believe that by so doing, people’s hearts are changed, and a far greater understanding of what Jesus meant by ‘going into all the world’ is communicated to our people.

To this end, Mission has been a high priority in our planning and strategy. Every two years, we hold our 20/20 Missions Festival to inspire and motivate our congregation into Mission and then to challenge people to serve on a team in some part of the world.

Currently, we have targeted four main areas where, working in partnership with local missions’ organisations, we have sought to bring tangible, practical input to local communities in Europe, South America and Africa.

London Riverside Church has sent people into these parts of the world to assist with local community projects, encourage workers that are serving long term in the area, and to share the reason for and hope of our faith in Jesus Christ.

Matthew 9:37 says “the harvest is truly plentiful” and we are actively working towards sending more and more people from our church to reap that harvest.  Additionally, we are committing financial support to people serving the Lord long term in other countries around the world.


When planning a mission’s strategy, it is all too easy to forget those nations that are on your doorstep. For us, we want to reach out to the nation of France, considered by many to be a spiritually ‘dark’ nation.

For the last 10 years we have been working in close partnership with José  & Valérie Arguedas who have planted CBNI in Concarneau, Brittany.

We have sent a number of teams into Brittany to work with them, have contributed financially to help develop leaders and the concept of team ministry and have brought leadership input and training.

We are continually challenged by the need for a spiritual awakening in France and remain committed to the task of raising local leaders, fired with the necessary passion to break spiritual taboos and plant vibrant churches around this vast nation.


For over forty years London Riverside Church has supported the work of Church planting and leadership development in Spain. Up until September 2017 we had supported Gordon Burgess who for over 55 years until his passing away had served Jesus along with his late wife Margaret. Together they pioneered many Spanish Assemblies of God churches. Much of the work that has been established was either planted by Gordon or spawned from those churches.

We continue to work with Cristo Vive Church in Alicante and their leadership.


London Riverside Church has forged a working partnership with the Watoto Child Care Organisation whose mission is to raise the next generation of Ugandan leaders by placing parentless children in families where the necessary love, care, spiritual discipleship and physical needs are provided.

Based at the 20,000 strong Watoto Church in Kampala, the project was the dream of Pastors Gary and Marilyn Skinner whose desire is to see a whole generation of Ugandan young people impacted with the message of Christianity in a relevant and tangible way. Teams have been sent from London Riverside Church to help with the construction of houses and amenities in the specially designed villages built to house the hundreds of orphans that Watoto Childcare is responsible for.


Ken Williamson serves as Chairman of the UK Board and is on the Intentional Board too. 


Colombia is still reported to be the world’s most dangerous society, where hundreds of thousands of children are living in the most appalling conditions and extreme poverty. Tackling the issues of poverty right at the root is a must and  London Riverside Church has linked with the Colombia Child Care organisation in a bid to make a positive contribution. At the centre in Santa Marta, children are cared for physically, developed spiritually and equipped educationally, enabling them to stay in their home environment and not be forced onto the streets.

Partnering with David Taylor, founder of Colombia Child Care our teams have contributed towards the phenomenal work amongst homeless children in the region where CCC have already constructed a fabulous community and medical centre, nursery and primary schools. Teams help with the practical maintenance and construction of the project and are involved in ministry in local churches.