A devotional by Abby Dada. A 5 day plan

looking at God in the book of Psalms  


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5


“Serve and worship the awe-inspiring God.  Recognise His greatness and bow before Him, trembling with reverence in His presence.”  Psalm 2:11


Over the next few days I will be sharing with you some thoughts about who God is in the Psalms.  I have recently been reading Psalms in The Passion Translation (TPT), and I love how they so clearly depict who our God is.


God is awe-inspiring.  When we think about God, simply the idea of Him should inspire awe inside of us.  It should cause us to feel a deep respect and wonder.  The Bible is full of miracles and healings… how can we not be totally blown-away by the One who is responsible for them all?


As we spend more time with God, we get to know Him more and we get to see that He is awe-inspiring.  If we do not spend time with Him then we will not have the opportunity to be inspired by Him.


I have been going for a lot of walks in the park recently.  I sort of knew what the park near me looked like before, but now I could describe it to you in much greater detail!  The more time I spend in the park, the better I get to know it.  The more time we spend in God’s word, the better we get to know Him; and the more we get to know God, the more He will inspire us!


God wants to captivate you.  He is awe-inspiring.  Has He got your attention?


Day 2 // ANSWER-ER 

“Yes! Yahweh my healer has heard my pleading and has taken hold of my prayers and answered them all.  Psalm 6:9


During my walks in the park with Jesus over the past few months, I have seen how different animals interact with each other.  Even though we can’t understand what they are saying, it is evident that they are communicating with each other.  In the park near me there are always so many dogs.  One dog will bark at another, and the other will bark back… I am sure that if one dog barked at the other dog with no reply then the other dog would quickly just give up and find another dog to bark at that would actually bark back at him.


Sometimes when we speak to God, it can feel like we are constantly asking Him for things - sometimes the same things - and we start to wonder if we should keep on asking.  We start thinking “is God listening?”, “is God going to answer me?”, “should I just accept what is going on?”.  But we should not give up praying.


It is so difficult, and often disheartening, when we feel as though God isn’t answering our prayers in the way that we want Him to, or at the time we want Him to.  However, just because God hasn’t answered your prayer yet, doesn’t mean that He won’t.  God is our prayer answer-er.  God hears your pleading.  He sees where you need healing.  God is your answer-er.


God wants to captivate us.  He is our answer-er.  Has He got your attention?


Day 3 // ARTIST 

“Look at the splendour of the skies, Your creative genius glowing in the heavens.  When I gaze at Your moon and Your stars, mounted like jewels in their settings, I know You are a fascinating artist who fashioned it all!”  Psalm 8:3


God is the artist; He founded the world.  God is the artist; He formed you.  God is the artist; He fashioned every part of nature. 


God is the creator of us and all that is around us.  God doesn’t create things and then decide that He doesn’t care about them.  God cares about everything that He has made.  We are his masterpiece.  God looks at you and thinks “wow”.


God is the most spectacular artist.  You may not have experienced any other aspects of who God is, but you can easily experience Him being an artist.  I know that, for me, I feel closest to God when I am walking in His beautiful creation.  His artwork is all around us.  You merely need to walk along the beach, look at a sunrise, or gaze up at the stars at night in order to see God’s artistic nature. 


If you want to experience God today, then why not go for a walk to a park?  Breathe.  Take it in.  Tell God about what’s going on in your life.  There is something amazing about talking to the artist while walking around in His artwork.


God wants to captivate us.  He is an artist.  Has He got your attention?


Day 4 // AROUND ME 

“All your promises have proven true.  What a secure shelter for all those who turn to hide themselves in you!  You are a wrap-around God giving grace to me”  Psalm 18:30


I love the picture I get as I read the words “You are a wrap-around God”. I  feel like as I read it, I can imagine God wrapping His arms around me and giving me a big hug.  You may not be someone who likes hugs, you may even be someone who gets a bit claustrophobic and can’t imagine something being all around you.  But I love that God’s love is all around us.


We can walk steadily because we know that God is around us and will not leave us.  In fact, in Psalm 139:7 it says:  “Where can I escape from your spirit?  Where can I flee from your presence?”. The focus of this verse is not about being able to find a way to get close to God, the point here is that we cannot get away from God!  God is all around us.


In the park near me there is a wood that you can walk though, and could easily get lost in. As soon as you walk into it, there are trees all around you.  You may come across some other things, like animals/flowers etc, but one thing is for sure:  you will always be surrounded by trees.  As you journey through life, you are not sure what else you will come across, but one thing is for sure:  you will always be surrounded by God.


God wants to captivate us.  He is around us.  Has He got your attention?



“God, you’re such a safe and powerful place to find refuge!  You’re a proven help in time of trouble - more than enough and always available whenever I need you.”  Psalm 46:1


As I read this I was “wow-ed”.  I pondered on the truth of this statement.  It is written about in a chapter entitled “God is on our side”.  It got me thinking:  God is always available for us, but are we always available for God?  If God is available for us because He is on our side, then what does it say to God if we are not available for Him?


Psalm 27:14 says that we should “wait upon the Lord”. This is not something that we can do accidently or passively.  God wants us to intentionally make time for Him.  God is available for us, and He wants us to be available for Him.  If you find it hard to focus on God indoors, then go for a walk, or listen to worship music as you drive in your car/sit on the bus.  Do whatever you need to do to quiet yourself in His presence and pray.


God is awe-inspiring.

God is the answer-er.

God is the artist.

God is around you.

God is available.


As you can see from these verses, in my reading of Psalms I am only about a third of the way through the book.  Why not start your own journey of reading through the Psalms and see what parts of God’s character stand out to you?


God wants to captivate us.  He is available.  Has He got your attention?