A 5-day devotional by Abby Dada.  

Day 1 // “What to do before we go?” 

16 Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go.


Jesus told His disciples to go up a mountain... little did they know where Jesus would tell them to go when they went back down.


Before Jesus sent His disciples on the mission to “go and make disciples”, He first wanted them to come and meet with Him. They were sent to go only after they had cometo Jesus. If you want to live a life for Jesus, and if you want to help on His mission of “goingout to make disciples”, then you need to start by first comingto Jesus.


This reminds me of the story of Moses. God spoke to Moses through a burning bush. God wanted Moses to come to Him to speak with him, before he went to goon the mission that God was sending him to.


There is no point in goingon a mission, without first comingto Jesus. What does your relationship with Jesus look like? Do you cometo Jesus to spend time with Him before yougoout to spend time with anyone else?


Jesus wants us to come close to Him. We should make an effort to comeand spend time with Jesus before we goout to spend time with anyone else. How will you spend time with Jesus today? Spending time with Jesus was worth the disciples climbing up the mountain for; what is spending time with Jesus worth you doing today?




Day 2 // “What if we doubt while we ‘go’?” 

17 When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted. 


Jesus’s disciples climbed up the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. I don’t know if you have ever climbed a mountain, but it is hard work and you are very tired by the time you get to the top.


When the disciples had climbed up the mountain, they probably needed a drink and a moment to sit down. Rather than choosing to fulfil what they needed, they instead chose to worship Jesus.


It is interesting to me that ALLof Jesus’s disciples worshipped Him, but SOMEdoubted…  they had all spent years following Jesus. Jesus had told them that He was going to resurrect from the dead... yet, some still doubted that He had come back to life and was standing right there in front of them. The fact that some of the disciples doubted shows us that they were all ordinary people that sometimes lacked in faith and wanted more proof. This gives us hope that, if Jesus can call these men who doubted to “go and make disciples”, He can also use us to “go and make disciples” as well!


Sometimes you will feel full of faith. Other times you may doubt. God still chooses you.


This reminds me of the story of Moses. He didn’t want to go. He didn't think he could go and do what God was asking him to do. But he still went. You may doubt what God is asking you to go and do, but God still chooses you.


Will you choose to worship and “go” despite doubt?


WHAT IF WE DOUBT WHILE WE GO? We worship anyway.


Day 3 // “How are we going to go and do it?” 

18 ThenJesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me…”


Sometimes life can seem like a bit of an overwhelming rollercoaster. One moment we feel like we are on the mountain top with Jesus, and the next minute we are heading down the mountain and wondering what we will do on our own in the valleys. What we need to remember is that Jesus isn’t just with us on the mountain top but; He is with us on top of the mountain, and at the bottom of the mountain, and on the way up, and on the way down.


When Jesus gives us this mission to “go and make disciples”, He doesn’t give us the mission and then leave us to it on our own. Instead He gives us the mission, equips us with His power and authority to do the mission, and then is with us throughout the mission!


In Moses’s story, Moses didn’t want to go and do the mission that God was sending him on. But God reminded Him who He was, saying, “I am who I am”, and reminded Moses that He was with him!


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the mission you are on (whether that is being a Christian/

parent/student/child/friend/spouse)? How could you remind yourself that the way you are going to go and do the mission is not by your power, but with Jesus’ power?


 HOW ARE WE GOING TO GO AND DO IT? We go in God’s power.



Day 4 // “What should we go and do?” 

19“.... Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you…”


This verse in the Bible is known as the Great Commission. Jesus commissioned us with the task of helping other people in the world to become Jesus’s disciples and start following Him.


This mission is not just for those eleven disciples that Jesus was speaking to, rather, this mission is for:  past disciples, current disciples, and future disciples.


When you become a Christian and you start following Jesus, this mission becomes your mission too.


God told us to “GO”. He didn’t tell us how to do it. He just told us what to do. Go. What a powerful word. This is a word of instruction. This is a word which implies intention. This is a word which requires a response. Jesus wants us to go.


When Jesus told Moses where to go, Moses didn't want to go. Moses had reasons as to why he wasn’t the person for the job. Moses had excuses about why he couldn’t be the one to go. But God made it clear that the instruction was to go. So Moses had to intentionally decide to go. Moses chose what his response would be. What will your response be?


WHAT SHOULD WE GO AND DO? Go and make disciples.


Day 5 // “Who do we go with?” 

20 “...And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” 


Jesus doesn’t send you on a mission and expect you to go alone. Jesus goes with you. Jesus doesn't leave you. Jesus will never go against you. Jesus is on your side.


Who do you think Jesus is?


Jesus is the creator, the healer, the miracle-worker, the God of the universe. Fact 1:  This is who Jesus is. Fact 2:  This is who is with you.


When God sent Moses to rescue the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, Moses went. After making the choice to rescue God’s people, he still told God “if your presence does not go with us then don’t send us from here”. Moses did not want to go anywhere that God’s presence wasn’t with him. We don't want to go anywhere that God doesn't go with us.


Whoever you are and wherever you are: GOD IS WITH YOU.


God’s presence is with us. If we were on our own then we may be afraid, but if God is with us then what reason do we have to fear?


WHO DO WE GO WITH? We go with God.