A devotional by Abby Dada. A 5 day plan on

how Noah demonstrated faith during the flood. 


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5


Genesis 7v5

Noah did everything as the Lord had commanded him


Many of us have heard of the story “Noah’s Ark” since we were children, but it is not just a ‘children’s story’. There is so much that we can learn from Noah, especially in the area of faith. Noah is listed in Hebrews 11v3 as a great example of faith because “he obeyed God, who warned him about things that had never happened before”.


Even though Noah didn’t know exactly what to expect, he still did exactly as the Lord told him to do. We read other people’s stories in the Bible who try to do things their own way, but they never seem to turn out as well as they could have if they had done things “God’s way”. In our own lives, sometimes there may seem “good ways” of doing things, but the best way is always “God’s way”.


God wants to speak to us and help us to know what we should do in this season… God may not want you to build an ark, but you are significant in His plan, and can move forward as you put your faith in Him.


As you spend time with God today, ask Him in your heart what He wants you to do. What do you feel Him saying?




Genesis 7v7

Noah went on board the boat to escape the flood


God had a plan for how Noah was going to escape the flood. Noah had to choose to get on board with God’s plan (literally!).


I wonder what Noah was thinking as he got onto the ark. He must have realised that once he got onto the boat, nothing would ever be the same again. He had to leave his old way of living/eating/daily life, and move forward to the new way that God had planned for him. 


Once Noah, his family and all of the animals were on the boat, God closed the door behind them (Genesis 7v16). Whenever we see pictures or movies of Noah, it is always depicted that Noah is closing the door. But God closed it. Once we have chosen to get on board with God’s plan, He does not want us to turn around and run back to our old way of living, He wants us to keep moving forward in His plan. Of course, it takes faith to leave things behind, but it also takes faith to continue to stay where you are now.


God has a plan for your next steps, but you must choose to take them and keep heading in that direction.


As you think about this today, remember that God has a plan for you and helps you on your journey. Ask yourself:  Is there anything that you have left behind recently, or that you should leave behind?



Genesis 7v20

As the waters rose higher and higher above the ground,

the boat floated safely on the surface


There was a flood all around Noah. When he looked out of the window at all of the earth, he would have seen the flood surrounding him. Although the flood even covered the mountains, Noah’s ark floated above the waves.


Most of the time we look at mountains and we see them as a safe place, somewhere that we could probably find refuge if there was a flood. In the case of Noah, however, the flood rose above the mountains, and so if Noah had gone there for refuge then he would have drowned. 


Whatever we find our safety in, or wherever we make our place of refuge, will determine if we drown or float. What you put your trust in now, may one day be flooded and not provide you with a safe place anymore. But, if you put your trust in God then you will always float above the waves - even if there is a flood… that’s because the flood may be bigger than you, but God is always bigger than the flood.


As you think about the places where you find refuge, I wonder where God comes on that list. Could you choose to make God your ‘safe place’ for everything today?



Genesis 8v13

Noah lifted back the covering of the boat and saw

that the surface of the ground was drying.


Noah, his family and the animals were all inside the ark for a very long time. Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. I am sure that Noah would have had days when he missed being on the ground and would have longed to be back in the times before the flood. I am sure that Noah’s kids would have had to get really creative in their parenting techniques of Noah’s grandchildren. I am sure that Noah’s grandchildren would have had to make up some new games and find their own ‘space’ on the boat so that they could get some time to themselves. And I am sure that there were times when everyone would have felt impatient with God, each other, and the situation that they were in.


Sometimes we cannot see the end of the season that we are in, and we cannot see any patch of dry ground where we can escape to. But I believe that when we read Noah’s story, we can be filled with hope, knowing that one day - maybe after a long time - we will look out of our window, and our flood will have come to an end… the soil may need time to recover, but you will get to walk on ground again, as you have been dreaming of.


I wonder what it is that you are waiting for today. Why not ask God to answer that prayer, help you to be a “patient waiter”, and find hope in Him in the process?



Genesis 9v13

 I have placed my rainbow in the clouds. It is a sign of my covenant with you


Noah had faith to build the ark, Noah had faith to obey, escape, float, and wait. And Noah had faith to believe that God bought him to dry ground.


Can you imagine the feelings that Noah must have felt as he stood there with his family watching each animal leave the boat? I bet while they were waiting for the flood to go down, they were dreaming of this day, and it finally came. There must have been so many things that he had wanted to do for so long but hadn’t been able to, like, go for a walk on dry ground, have a campfire, or go and have some time in the quiet without any animal noises around him. But when Noah got off of the boat, he didn’t do any of those things. Instead, once all of his family and animals got off of the boat safely, he worshipped God by making a sacrifice to Him.


Not only did God rescue Noah from the flood, but He promised that He would never flood the whole earth again. When God promises something, He always keeps His word. So any time when it would have rained and Noah’s family got scared that there might be another flood, they could hold on to God’s promise and choose to worship Him.


I wonder what promises God has made to you. Just as God remembered Noah, He remembers you. What promises can you hold on to? (If God has not made you a promise directly, then look up what promises He makes to all of us in the Bible)